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        Stock abbreviation:鼎安交通

        Stock code:870876


        How to Wear a Surgical Mask?

        Masks containfilters that prevent germs from being spread. For hygienereasons, use disposable masks and replace them when they...

        Not all face masks are created equal. Find out whi...

        Face masksprotect you from infectious diseases. If you are thinking about getting facemasks, you need to decide which type to buy and how many you should stock upon. Different Masks Su...

        People's Daily commentary on "winning the bid at l...

        The product is the foundation of the enterprise, and also is the foundation of economic activity, only one piece of product quality, make the enterprise with the goal of quality, economic development ...

        Pay attention to GB7258, publicizing grand soundin...

               From October 25, 2017 to 26, sponsored by the China Standardization Association of automobile branch of the GB7258-2017 vehicle driving safety "technical conditions" (pas...

        Company profile

        Guangzhou Ding An transportation Polytron Technologies Inc (stock abbreviation: Ding An transportation, stock code: 870876) focuses on road traffic safety industry, the main products are license plate installation class and reflective identification products. The company has professional R & D technology team, adhere to the independent research and development professional developmen...

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        Address: No. 1033, No. 1033, No. 34, Oriental Pearl, No. 1033 South Baiyun Avenue


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